10 Incredible Virgin Coconut Oil Benefits That Will Make You Healthy

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Did you know that consuming cold-pressed organic virgin coconut oil can boost your metabolism, strengthen your heart, reduce your body fat, and keep your skin healthy?

Isn’t it amazing that a material that is 90% saturated fat can improve your health manifolds instead of deteriorating it like other fats do?

Before jumping on to discuss virgin coconut oil benefits, let’s have a look at the properties that make it a super-food in every sense.

Nutritionists recommend a balanced intake of such MCFAs in your regular diet to keep fit and energetic

coconut oil

Why is coconut oil good for you?

  1. Good Fat

Coconut oil consists of MCFAs that make it a good fat for your body. MCFAs get easily digested and are rapidly converted into energy instead of getting accumulated as fat, and hence boost your metabolism.

  1. Medicinal Properties

Cold-pressed virgin coconut oil contains lauric acid and capric acid that are…

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Be Organic and Buy Organic


Clothing serves a number of important practical purposes. It protects our exposure to the environment. It can protect our skin from injury and attack from abrasions, bugs, bites, scratches, sun and harsh weather. It is like the second skin to our body since the skin is the largest organ for any human being. For an average adult human size of the human body is about 20 square feet. Clothes are a part of our daily routine it should be take cared like our diet as if it is made of harmful chemicals, it will impact quite badly on our skin, without any thinking we must go for organic clothes.  

non organic clothes

Irritation on skin and rashes

Toxins are made in our body when we eat anything unhealthy or any mishappening happens with our body & it comes out in the form of sweat or pimples from our skin due to present of pores in the skin and the same way is for allowing toxins enter the skin through the same pores and hence it becomes equally essential to protect the skin. Since when any toxin passes through the skin it directly enters into the body bypassing the digestive and respiratory system also any immunity our body has developed. If you take bath wearing chlorinated clothes or into swimming pool, chlorine from the clothes enter your skin and which can lead to fungal infections costing you lot of irritation in the skin and wasting so much money on medicines and all, hence I suggest to Buy organic clothes which have highly reliable and neither the color fades away. Hence, in the long run, it will not be costing and since the winters are approaching organic jeans and organic cotton wool must be used.

organic jeans for kids

Organic Jeans Light & comfortable

When we use deodorants and body care products it can show results on your body within an hour mostly in the form of rashes and irritation. Many modern fabrics are also not good for skin since either they are chlorinated or are iodized both are harmful to the skin. PFCs and Teflon are repellant in some but harmful in most ways. If someone is using these clothes for their kids, it’s quite harmful, the best clothes for kids during winters is organic clothes. The best benefit of organic clothes is they are soft and long lasting and are not made from harmful chemicals since we protect our children from everything and all of a sudden wrap them in a pesticide cloth, too harmful for the skin. Studies have proven that Organic clothes are durable and hence last long and let’s make a new resolution and from now on only cotton organic clothes for kids

Let’s talk about another set of clothes for children.

Clothes must be organic not only for a daily routine during the daytime but also the best priority should be given to Night suites for children.


Sleep Freely with organic

Night suites are the clothes that you sleep in and its the time when your body is more prone to mosquitoes because you are in your subconscious state during this time for straight 7-8 hours and you are breathing and sleeping in these clothes and for a sound sleep for kids clothes must be airy so that your body doesn’t sweat during night time and our kids have a comfortable sleep and wake up fresh, earlier I used to hear a lot of complaints that it becomes too much humidity in the night and gradual opening of sleep and changing the temperature of AC again & again but from last one year I have been using organic clothes, they are lightweight and flexible, clothes are airy helping me and me to sleep, now no one bothers at what temperature we are sleeping, alarm rings and our conscious wakes up at a sound pace.

I hope the information, I have posted here it will really help you in choosing organic clothes, for any questions feel free to comment below, I am ready to hire all your queries asap.

Thank you!! 🙂 😀